Shiprock River Vision Master Plan: Shiprock, NM

Located among the scenic San Juan River is the community of Shiprock. This project is aimed at developing a Shiprock River Vision Master Plan for a healthy Community and local economy with the Shiprock Community. The process to design the Master Plan on the 243 acre site includes community feedback. IDS+A has published questionnaire survey to identify Community Needs, Community Core Values and Questions via an online survey and engaged with the community in virtual meetings. the Community feedback will be crucial to understand the needs for this site. This site will provide spaces to be developed in the future and they may include space for a Hotel Site, RV Park, Sports Complex, Visitors Center.

IDS+A has organized a project website dedicated to the Shiprock River vision Master plan where you can engage and learn more about this ongoing project. To find meeting information, and project updates please visit;

Process Images

Owner: Shiprock Chapter | Location: Shiprock, NM