Navajo Technical University Class Building- Chinle, AZ

Navajo Technical University (NTU) has an inspiring vision for their new 38 acre Chinle Campus where it will provide a state-of-the-art, sustainable, learning environment that is deeply rooted in Dine values. Since completing the Campus Master Plan, Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture (IDS+A) is now working with NTU towards the fulfillment of their vision by designing the first Classroom Building for the Chinle Campus. As phase one of the campus development, the new facility will provide much needed Classroom spaces, Tutoring Space, Staff Support, Library, entry courtyard and site infrastructure that will support future development. In order to make students, staff, and visitors feel connected to Navajo culture and traditions, the design of the Classroom Building was inspired by ideas of emergence, the surrounding desert landscape, Canyon de Chelly, and traditional Navajo building forms. The new facility uses innovating approaches to energy performance and design with a high performance building skin and an expressive south facing building facade that will become the defining feature of the new campus. Another innovative approach is the incorporation of Radon Resistant construction which is in response to the high Radon gas levels in Chinle. As the enrollment grows, providing infrastructure and connections for the future is vitally important to follow the carefully thought out master plan. The Classroom building is designed for expansion as a two story structure with shelled space on the second floor to accommodate future laboratory teaching spaces and additional classrooms.


Owner: Navajo Technical University | Location: Chinle, AZ | Start Date: 2015 | Completion Date: In Progress


SMPC ARCHITECTS | Support Architect