Kayenta Chapter Multi-Purpose Center: Kayenta, AZ

Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture was selected by Navajo Housing Authority to complete Kayenta Chapter’s new vision of their chapter house from Needs Assessment / Preliminary Study through the Construction Document phase. This fast-growing and innovative town wants to set the precedent for future chapter houses on the Navajo Nation by creating a place that is truly the hub and core of the community. While the new facility has an outlook to the future, the design will honor tradition by incorporating the language, culture, and traditions of the Kayenta community. The Kayenta Chapter Multi-Purpose Center will consist of the conference spaces, chapter administration space, community resource center and a community kitchen. In addition, the Multi-Purpose Center will encourage creativity, fitness and health, and multi-generation integration by providing an arts & crafts classroom, fitness rooms, locker rooms, multi-purpose space, community pantry, youth learning and activity area, recreational hall and a senior center. IDS+A is continuing to work with Kayenta Chapter officials to provide their community with an highly-functional and attractive building that best fits within their unique location and landscape.



Owner: Navajo Housing Authority / Kayenta Chapter | Location: Kayenta, AZ


DEKKER / PERICH / SABATINI | Support Architect