Navajo Tribal Utility Authority Preliminary A/E Services

Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture is providing the Apache County with a design for the NTUA Red Mesa district office. Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture (IDS+A) was contracted by NTUA to complete site feasibility analysis and programming criteria for the proposed facility. Based on a completed existing facility assessment, the facilities used to operate are in need of replacement as they do not provide adequate space for NTUA’s staff operations and projected needs. Through analysis completed in the Programming Process, IDS+A documented the spaces and amenities needed to support Red Mesa District Office’s staff and customer service. Before starting design of a new facility, NTUA recognized the importance of completing pre-design and planning services that are necessary before design can take place. In support of the proposed Red Mesa District Office, the following services were completed by IDS+A: Site Planning & Feasibility, Infrastructure Analysis, Existing Facility Assessment, Programming, Topographic Survey, Geotechnical Report, Preliminary Design Services, Preliminary LEED Design, Preliminary Cost Estimate, Rural Utility Services (RUS) Documentation

Process Images

Owner: Navajo Tribal Utility Authority | Location: Red Mesa, UT