Lake Powell Visitor Center

The Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation and the Lake Powell Visitor Center contracted Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture (IDS+A) and Rock Gap Construction to design and renovate their current Visitor Center on the east side of City of Page, Arizona. The Lake Powell Visitor Center Renovation, the existing pre-engineered metal building system, 6,000 sqft. building function will change from a feed/general store to a visitor center and office space for park staff. The building will be divided into public and private spaces, construction to included metal stud walls and gypsum wall board, taped, textured and painted finishes. The ceiling spaces in the public areas will be exposed to the structure, the private spaces will be suspended acoustical tile system and gypsum board ceilings. The public side of the building will consist of a welcome area with reception desk, movable displays, restrooms for the public, a small area to view display videos (open theater), a lounge/internet café and food vending area. Building support rooms to consider in the public area are storage and janitor’s closet. All areas are be ADA accessible and to follow local codes. A security system will be provided for additional safety. The private side will be fully accessible to staff, the areas to be considered are enclosed offices, a couple of workstations for staff, open work area, copy room, lockable storage room, IT/Server Room and a break room for 6-8 staff members. Other general spaces to include mechanical and electrical rooms for proposed new systems. Windows are to be added to front elevation along with a vestibule for weather protection at the building entry.

Construction Photos

Owner: Navajo Parks and Recreational Department | Location: Page, AZ | Completion Date: November 2019