Bisti Navajo Administration Building: Fruitland, San Juan County, NM

Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture (IDS+A) was selected by Bisti Fuels Company to design a new Administration and Locker Room Facility to replace an existing building that is no longer adequate for mine operations. IDS+A worked with Bisti’s project committee to create the goals and vision for the new building which would be defined as a 30,000 square foot facility which includes spaces for multiple operating departments and shared work spaces which would improve the well-being and productivity of its staff. By examining operations at other mine operations and analyzing workflows between multiple departments, IDS+A focused on providing a design concept that would enhance intuitive circulation, collaboration, and secure access. The new facility will provide office and support spaces for the Business Department, Community Relations Department, Human Resources, Operations & Productions, Safety Department, Administration, locker room facilities, and large meeting spaces.

Important to the building and site design was to incorporate a sense of regional context and cultural identity by using ideas inspired by Navajo Design and Planning. Focusing attention to the main entry area, IDS+A used the color and texture of nearby landforms and rock formations to create a modern, visually appealing connection to the surrounding environment. Bridging the natural environment with the industrial culture of Bisti was expressed by using methodical placement of ribbed metal paneling, corten metal, and aluminum composite panels as the exterior of the building.




Owner: Bisti Fuels Company / North American Coal Corporation | Location: San Juan County, NM