Iyanbito Chapter Multi-Use Building: Iyanbito, NM

Located among the scenic mesas in the rural community of Iyanbito, New Mexico this new Multi-Use Building is meant to replace an existing Navajo Nation Chapter House. The 11,000 square foot facility will provide spaces such as Chapter Administration offices, Veteran's Office, Police Office, Media Room, and a flexible community hall. As a community focal point, the Multi-Use design goals were centered on providing flexibility, functionality, ease of use for staff operations, secure access, and an inviting experience for all visitors. To reflect the local artistry, the exterior of the building will have a decorative feature wall to honor the people of the community. For small events the site will have a shaded, outdoor gathering area which will eventually connect to the planned Veterans Memorial Park (future development).

While working with the community throughout Programming and Master Planning, it was made clear that the facility would need to be rooted in the local history and traditions of the Iyanbito community, but also show a dedication to sustainable development and consideration of future needs. Drawing from the beautiful surrounding landscape, the form consists of sloped elements that are inspired by the cliff faces of Iyanbito. Literally borrowing from the past, and as a way to practice responsible re-use, the building will re-purpose stone site walls as accents to the new facility.

Owner: NN CPMD & Iyanbito Chapter | Location: Iyanbito, NM