Chichiltah Chapter House Renovation: Chichiltah, NM

IDS+A was contracted by the Chichiltah Chapter and Navajo Nation Capital Project Management Department (CPMD formerly Navajo Nation Design and Engineering services) to renovate the Chapter House. The Chapter House had undergone several renovation projects, the last project was not completed and unsafe for the community to use. Our team began with Programming to determine the extent of the renovation, repairs and probable cost for the project. Since there were not any record drawings for the Chapter, the next step was to create drawings. We accomplished this with a 3-D laser scan of the building and converting the documentation to a Revit file. The building had areas of asbestos which had to be abated before construction could begin

The IDS+A team worked closely with the Chapter to complete the design and construction documents. Chichiltah Chapter’s identity was important to maintain along with the uses in the Chapter House. The Chapter House is occupied by the administration offices and the veteran’s office. The contractor selected for the project was LAM Corporation and IDS+A provided construction administration services for the project. As with any major renovation, there were challenges to overcome. Since the building was vacant for a number years and there were areas of rotting wood, unsupported roof rafters and the fire suppression system in the range hood crystallized from lack of use.

The community kitchen was enlarged to provide more work area and storage. The existing equipment was maintained. The entry has a new vestibule with auto doors that comply with accessibility standards. The podium was rebuilt with including a ramp for accessibility. A new audio visual system and fire alarm system was installed. The fire suppression system in the range hood was replaced.




Owner: Navajo Nation Design & Engineering Services | Location: Chichiltah, NM | Completion Date: January 2017