Gila River Police Station: Sacaton, AZ

The Sacaton community sought a new, innovative environment for their police station. The new facility brings together multiple existing facilities into a cohesive, integrated campus. The nearly 49,000 square foot building incorporates several department spaces including administration, dispatch, evidence and processing, patrol, staff support, records, criminal investigation, training, and public space. The design is a reflection of the Gila River Indian Community where it honors the culture, and the beauty of the unique environment. Throughout the design process local cultural stories were a main catalyst for spatial relationships and guidance, other main ideas that were incorporated were balancing of sun and shade, connection to the sky, importance of water, and relationship to the desert landscape.

The new police station was to take an innovative approach to its connection to the community and culture. From the outset, the Gila River Indian Community wanted to have community integration with the police force. By creating a place of openness, similar to a multi-purpose facility, the community can have a positive relationship with their public services. When IDS+A collaborated with JCJ Architecture, we pulled this thinking into the design of the interiors. Primary objectives of the user’s experience is to be a reflection of the people and their culture, and provide a dual image of strength / security yet be welcoming to the public. Creating a therapeutic environment, IDS+A used a palette of natural materials derived from the surrounding desert environment and used design methods to create harmony between the indoor and outdoor environment.


Owner: Gila River Indian Community | Location: Sacaton, AZ

JCJ ARCHITECTURE | Prime Architect