Navajo Technical University Campus Master Plan: Chinle, AZ

Currently operating a small Instructional Site in Chinle, Arizona in addition to several regional campuses, Navajo Technical University (NTU) has started development on a new 38 acre campus. The Chinle Campus is at the heart of the Navajo Nation and has the potential to eventually become a leading presence for the University. By providing a comprehensive Master Plan for the campus, this will become the framework that will support NTU's expansion in serving the present and future students.

IDS+A worked closely with the NTU task force to develop the master plan and establish a strategy for the development of the campus. This process began with gathering information about the site, investigating the existing utility infrastructure, information from the owner on needs for the campus and future development. Site access and circulation was studied and a direction chosen. The Master Development Plan is the representation of NTU’s vision to develop a new educational and residential environment for faculty and students. Educational, Administrative, Social Spaces, Housing, Outdoor, and Support spaces will be strategically woven into the fabric of the campus resulting in an ultimate build out plan for the campus. Design Guidelines were developed to direct future development and to establish components such as building materials and landscape for the outdoor features of the Campus. Above all, campus planning will show how the campus can grow from the first building into the future overall development of the campus.


Owner: Navajo Technical University | Location: Chinle, AZ


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