Church Rock Phase II Factory

Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture (IDS+A) was selected by Bisti Fuels Company to design the Phase II Factory on the Church Rock Industrial Park. This project marks the beginning of something new – an exciting contribution to economic development for the Navajo Nation. IDS+A is working with Rhino Health and Navajo Nation Department for Economic Development (NNDED) to design a facility that will support the efficient workflows, manufacturing, safety of all occupants, and integration of Navajo Design & Planning principles. It will be important to make the development have a “campus” feel where the new Phase II factory will feel a part of the larger development in the Church Rock Industrial Park. We are excited to work with Rhino Health and the Navajo Nation towards the fulfillment of your vision for the Phase II Factory.

The Phase II Factory will be a 115,000 square foot facility which includes space for multiple operating departments and shared work spaces which would improve the well-being and productivity of its staff. IDS+A focused on providing a design concept that would enhance intuitive circulation, collaboration, and secure access. The new facility will provide office space for Administration, Manufacturing support spaces, area for the machinery, and a warehouse.

Conceptual Renders

Project Site

Owner: Navajo Nation Department of Economic Development | Location: Church Rock, NM