FBFA Economic and Market Feasibility Study

The Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture (IDS+A) team assisted the Navajo Hopi Land Commission (NHLC) and the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development (NNDED) develop an Economic and Market Feasibility Study for the nine chapters in the Former Bennett Freeze Area (FBFA), which consists of Bodaway-Gap, Cameron, Coalmine Canyon, Coppermine, Kaibeto, Leupp, Tolani Lake, Tonalea and Tuba City. The purpose of Economic and Market Feasibility Study is to serve as a guide to strategically identify the potential needs, demands and constraints for commercial, industrial, small businesses and tourism development in the FBFA region. Overall, the study will assist the Navajo Nation to make wise decisions for the future community and economic development initiatives for the FBFA that makes sense and that best reflects the people, culture, traditions, and language in the region. As the Navajo Nation continues to progress on the development of their lands, the importance of implementing an Economic and Market Feasibility Study based on the current and existing economic climate are important factors for any type of future development. The key to improving the community and economic conditions of the Navajo Nation is to incorporate effective community and economic development planning processes to strategically plan for the future growth and long-term development of the FBFA.



Owner: Navajo Hopi Land Commission | Location: Various Locations, Navajo Nation, AZ