Red Rock Chapter Multi-Purpose Building

The design of the Red Rock Multi-Purpose Center draws its inspiration from the surrounding environment and the colors of the local red stone found within the the hills of Tse’Lichii. The use of Concrete Masonry Units within the north walls work to provide structural support, but is also a cost-efficient material with strong insulating properties. The front entry features a strong and modern shade system that reflects traditional shade structures used by Dine people. The front exterior also features screen walls to help reflect daylight into interior spaces.

The CMU is continued on the south wall where the multi-purpose room and community kitchen are located. At the rear entry and exit, an extension of the shade structure is continued and uses the same materials as the primary shade structure. The south window bays, located within the Conference Area and Community Resource Room, feature an exterior wood horizontal slat shade system to control the amount of daylight that enters these rooms. The materiality of wood remains consistent with the primary shade structure system.


Concept Renderings

Owner: Red Rock Chapter | Location: Red Rock, NM