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IDS+A 10 Year Anniversary

July 13, 2022

Coming into 2022, our staff saw a milestone approaching that is truly special - the 10 year anniversary of Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture. Tamarah started IDS+A in 2012 with an idea of providing an innovative approach to architecture and design for tribal communities. This guiding principle has led and inspired our team members that we have been lucky to bring into our IDS+A family throughout the years. Starting an architecture firm is an enormous challenge and must stand the test of impressive competition and great perseverance to which we are thankful to Tamarah for her leadership.

What makes our firm special is our great staff made of creative professionals that push themselves to make our firm shine in the best possible way. First, we have Jan, who brings her vast experience, skill and calm demeanor to be a "coach" to all our staff while leading the path. Next, we have Theo, who soaks up all that he can to improve as an Architect and leader with an innovative mindset. Nate is a true master of his craft and inspires others with his great work ethic and kindness. Sinclaire brings her great taste and inventive use of color to each project, and she is probably the most flexible teammate we can ask for in the office. We are lucky to bring Elder onto our team recently where he adds eagerness to learn, a great skillset, and a collaborative spirit. Charlotte provides valuable help in interfacing with the community with her wit, charm and perspective. Throughout the years we have been able to work with talented intern architects and support staff to which we thank for their unique skills, but most of all their friendship. Together, we form a team that wants to elevate each part of what we contribute to, but we take the time to have fun with one another (with plenty of food and laughter).

At the 10 year mark in our firm's path we are still as excited and determined for each opportunity to bring great ideas to life. Each new project gives us the chance to work through unique challenges and push our team to find the right solutions that match the vision of the community that we are designing for. Our projects have ranged from small renovations, a large manufacturing facility, a prototype bathroom addition that would impact hundreds of families in response to COVID, head starts, k-8 education, higher education, master planning, land use planning, medical, housing, a large judicial complex, and many others. We are grateful to be a part of improving our built spaces for each community and we eagerly look forward to the next stage in IDS+A's growth.

We have grown tremendously and have so many to thank for our continued success. To all of our clients, consultants, families and friends we are deeply thankful for your support and look forward to the next chapter in our story.

-The IDS+A Team

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