San IIdefonso Pueblo Master Community Plan: San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM

This ambitious project started during the creation of a Land Use Plan for the San Ildefonso Pueblo in a previous project. Continuing the drive towards forming a guide for development, IDS+A worked with Northern Pueblos Housing Authority (NPHA) and the San Ildefonso Pueblo to further refine the goals set in the Land Use Planning project. Working with the community, the Master Plan reflects their ideas, wishes and values for future needs while aligning with existing plans, policies and initiatives. Moving forward, the Master plan will help guide both day-to-day decision making, short-term actions, and long-term initiatives to achieve their community’s vision. Focusing their ideas, IDS+A guided the Master Plan toward a document that will help to build a community that is mindful of strategic growth, infrastructure, preservation, housing, and economic opportunities.

The Community Master Plan was developed based not only on the community’s feedback but also the beautiful natural environment, The Pueblo’s enriched culture, and existing community spaces throughout Po-woh-ge-oweenge. The Master Plan designates the highest and best culturally appropriate use of Pueblo land for short, mid and long-range planning.


Owner: Pueblo de San IIdefonso | Location: San IIdefonso Pueblo, NM